Sherbet Ride is an all-electric taxi fleet which offer a green transport solution to businesses and customers in London. Our new vision, powered by investment and belief in electric power technology, focuses on delivering technological and service excellence within Sherbet Ride.


  • Sherbet is a premium taxi company, taking the best of the iconic London Taxi Cab and combining it with the highest quality customer service and advanced technology – delivered in a 21st century electric fleet.
  • Our drivers are hand-picked and committed to giving customers a door to door service that exceeds expectations.
  • Our electric fleet is a modern taxi service providing comfort and amenities, including Wi-Fi, in-taxi phone and laptop charging, to ensure our customers travel in style and arrive at their destination ready for anything.
  • Our app-based client and driver interface, and corporate booking portal, provides a seamless service which is cutting edge, efficient and elegant.

Our evolution is about the future: the future of the industry, our children’s future and the environment.

We are establishing a community that truly supports technology and where customer service and excellence is key.